10 Free Online Classes for the Lifelong Learner

By | June 26, 2012

With the growing popularity of online learning, many businesses, colleges, and clubs have been offering free online classes for the lifelong learner. This is great news for the many people who love to learn about new and interesting topics. Now, everybody can register for classes pertaining to a myriad of topics, in a tuition-free, home based environment.

Regardless of your skill level or previous experience, you are welcome to sign up for any of these free online classes if you have an interest in the topic. There are no requirements or prerequisites to get involved. Most free online courses are just informative but some of them have an option to pay for licensing upon completion; this is optional and completely unnecessary if you are only researching out of curiosity.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries

This free boating safety course is offered through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Upon completion of the course, Louisiana boaters receive their free boating certification which is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard. This interactive course is vibrant and fun; filled with animations, videos and photos. There are many demonstrations including distress signals, emergency situations, extinguishing fires, and wearing life vests.

Learn a Language

This free course teaches beginning French with a Cajun dialect. This course is split up into easy to learn lessons. By learning common words and phrases, students are excited because they can begin to communicate right from the start. For students who prefer a more analytical approach, there are options to delve deeper into the grammar and meaning of these words and phrases.

Become a CNA

There are some great offerings for free CNA training in Louisiana. This valuable experience saves you thousands of dollars in college expenses and introduces you to a new career quickly and effectively. Becoming a CNA can be the first step or the last step in your nursing career. Many people go on to obtain other certifications while others are content to be a CNA. There are many free CNA programs in the state of Louisiana and throughout the country.

Learning Anything

No matter what you are interested in learning, you will probably fine it here at the Online Learning Database. With over 200 totally free, online courses, there is something here for you!
Free Education

Getting a diploma is not a life-long way to sustain your mind. Once you have it, you no longer are engaged in any formal learning programs. By enrolling in free online courses, you can continue to expand your knowledge base in a learning environment that is structured and focused.

Self-Made Scholar

By enrolling in any of these creative and stimulating courses, you will add to your knowledge base and become a better-rounded person. Learn about anything from acting to science!

Learn Free

If you are interested in computers, math, or reading; you may find some interesting and stimulating coursework at learnfree.org. This website has many helpful and handy courses for the lifelong learner.

Free Computer Imaging Classes

If you like to do photo retouching, use Facebook, or just design graphics then these courses will be of great use to you. Learn popular techniques for designing and retouching photos with this easy and free online program.

Geek Sugar

If you like online learning, you will love Geek Sugar. This website is offering 11 totally free online links to classes which will teach you just about everything under the sun!

Making Money Online

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to learn the tricks to make money online then these free classes are for you.

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