129 dead as fans flee Indonesia soccer match

129 dead as fans flee Indonesia soccer match

MALANG, Indonesia (AP) — A panic at an Indonesian soccer match left 129 people dead, most of them trampled, after police used tear gas to quell clashes, police said Sunday.

Several clashes broke out between supporters of the two rival football teams at the Kanjurohan Stadium in Malang, East Java province, after the Indonesian Premier League match ended with Persabaya Surabaya losing 3-2 to Arima Malang.

East Java police chief Niko Afenta said the clashes, which broke out after the match ended late on Saturday night, prompted riot police to fire tear gas, causing panic among supporters.

Hundreds of people rushed to the exit in an attempt to block the tear gas. Some suffocated in the chaos and others were trampled, killing nearly 34 instantly.

Afanta said that more than 300 were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment of the wounded, but most of them died on the way and during treatment.

He said that the number of dead may increase, because the health condition of around 180 injured people is bad.

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