A breach of allegiance before the World Cup match between Canada and Belgium in Montreal

A breach of allegiance before the World Cup match between Canada and Belgium in Montreal

David Dejian, a dual Belgian-Canadian citizen who lives in Montreal, says there’s no way he’ll be rooting for Team Canada and its star player Alphonso Davies when the two nations take the field at the World Cup on Wednesday.

“I support Belgium — that’s for sure,” Dejean, who recently became a Canadian citizen, said in an interview Tuesday. “Canada is my new home, but I grew up in Belgium. I lived there all my childhood, so my heart is for Belgium.

A rivalry develops between members of the city’s French-speaking Belgian community and fans of the Canadian team, which has not played in the tournament since 1986.

Canada enters Wednesday’s game in Qatar as underdogs, but the country received good news on Tuesday when it was revealed that Winger Davies – the team’s most dangerous player – has recovered from a hamstring injury and Declared fit to play.

Montreal’s Belgian community – Statistics Canada says there are about 10,000 people of Belgian origin in the city – organized viewing parties at bars around the city, including the pub Burgundy Lion and Biermarkt.

Dejean said he plans to wear a Belgium soccer jersey to work and leave the afternoon to watch the 2 p.m. (EST) game — the second match for Group F, which also includes Morocco and Croatia — with about 30 other Belgians. In the burgundy lion.

“I have a lot of pressure for tomorrow, especially since I have Canadian colleagues around, and we know that Belgium is the best,” he said.

“We know we have to be strong. So, if we lose, I won’t be in the office for the next three weeks.

Belgium is second in the FIFA ranking and Canada is 41st.

Fellow Belgian Simon van Winzberg has loyalties that are more divided than Dejian’s. He has dual citizenship thanks to his Canadian father but grew up in Belgium and has only lived in Montreal for a year.

Van Wensburg said Canada has a good chance to beat Belgium in Wednesday’s game. Although he is happy for Belgium, he said he will not be upset if Canada wins.

“Belgium is not playing very well right now, and Canada, on the other hand, is playing really well,” Van Winzburg said in an interview Tuesday.

“For me personally, I won’t be disappointed if Canada wins. I think that would be good too. Although I hope that Belgium will eventually make it to the final.”

In Montreal, Belgian-born Diogenes Ntyrandekura said he was torn between supporting the two teams but admitted he was hoping for a Belgian victory.

“Even though I’m a bit broken because I live in Canada, I support Belgium,” Nitrandekura said in an interview on Tuesday.

“But I hope Canada wins more games.”

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