Accounting Careers in Louisiana

By | May 31, 2012

Working as an Accountant in Louisiana

Louisiana is a great place to visit and an even more wonderful place to live! Whether you already have your professional Accounting licenses and degrees or are attending a university in Louisiana to obtain them, you are in luck; there has been a steady rise of accounting careers in Louisiana.
Since 2006, the accounting industry in Louisiana has benefited from steady salary hikes. Although the overall salaries are a bit lower than in other regions of the country, they are appropriate for the cost of living in Louisiana and you will by no means have to scrape to get by.
There are a lot of accountants in Louisiana with CPAs holding the most prominent positions within management, corporations, and government sectors. CPAs need to be fully licensed in the state of Louisiana and need to meet a rigorous schedule to include 150 hours of college classes including accounting, one year of business courses, and 2,000 hours of actual work under a CPA. Having your CPA license will open up many doors for you but most ambitious firms expect much more. By combining this experience with an MBA will likely secure you an upper management position.

Salaries in the Accounting Field in Louisiana

The U.S. National average salary for accountants was $67, 430 in 2009. The Louisiana average was $54,540. This may seem like a big difference but Louisiana is catching up; the national salary has increased about $4,000 since 2006.
Working in large metropolitan areas will earn you a heftier salary, but remember that the cost of living will also, be higher:

  • Baton Rouge ($56,790)
  • Lafayette ($56,070)
  • New Orleans ($56,000)
  • Shreveport ($53,520)

These large cities usually draw the majority of CPAs in the state and offer the most plentiful opportunities in Louisiana.

Employment Opportunities and Outlook for Accountants in Louisiana

The number of accountants who reside in Louisiana has declined since 2006, possibly due to relocation from Hurricane Katrina. This is good news if you are moving into the area and are looking for employment. The highest number of accountants reside in New Orleans (3,370) and the least number live in Shreveport (930).
Employment opportunities are expected to flourish in this country by nearly 22%, adding almost 300,000 new jobs to the market.
Account auditors are in extremely high demand as the United States becomes more and more scandalous. There has been an abundance of unlawful financial activities performed by desperate companies all over the country due to the economic crisis. Forensic accountants are needed to investigate white-collar crimes such as embezzlement, money laundering, and securities and bankruptcy fraud which have been on the rise.
Becoming an accountant with any type of specialty will likely be a wise and secure investment in your future. If your salary is very important, think about continuing your education to at least the master’s level. If you are satisfied to have a job in the field that you enjoy, consider yourself lucky to be an accountant and rest assured that you are highly employable.

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