By | November 16, 2013

Completing a Associate degree program in Louisiana will significantly improve your lifetime earnings potential. Louisiana students who get a Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree can increase the amount of money they take home each year. With a Associate degree, employees in Louisiana make an average income of $30,412 per year. This average income is 15% more than people with a high school, or $300,000 incremental income over a 40 year career. Also, completing a Associate degrees program can help you start a new career that may pay a higher salary.

As todays job markets evolves, it is very important to keep competitive with those who are getting more education. During 2008, 4,997 Louisiana students received a Associate degree in fields such as arts and design, psychology, and business. Today, approximately 20.4% of the Louisiana population possess a Bachelor degree or higher education. To attain higher income levels, it is of utmost importance to further your education and stay marketable in today’s competitive workforce. Reaching up to the next degree level can help you obtain a new career, learn more skills, and bring home a bigger paycheck.

What does it take to get a Associate degree, and what schools or colleges offer programs online to residents of Louisiana? As online and campus programs have become more available, there are even more options for you to attain a higher level of education. Securing a Associate degree typically takes between 1-2 years to complete. The length of your degree program depends on the choosen program and institution, the number of classes taken per quarter or semester, and the credits you have that can apply to the degree program. You can obtain a Associate degree in various subject areas, including: Health Services, Accounting, Human Resources, Wellness, Exercise, and Nutrition, Information Technology.

Going to college to get a degree does take a commitment, but today, online degree programs are more flexible to meet your needs. Most colleges now offer both part and full time accredited programs online which enable you to get your degree quickly and balance your education with the rest of your life commitments.

The school listings below offer flexible on campus and online Associate degrees to Louisiana students. Take the first step, request more info now.

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