At least one person has died in clashes between police and fans outside an Argentina soccer match

At least one person has died in clashes between police and fans outside an Argentina soccer match

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — At least one person died as police tried to disperse soccer fans from an Argentine league match on Thursday night, and the referee stopped the game when teargas broke out inside the stadium. Gas clouds were released.

Officials and witnesses said fans of the home team, Gimnasia y Esgrima, tried to enter the already full stadium, and police used rubber bullets and tear gas to try to disperse the crowd.

This incident occurred a week after tear gas was used outside a soccer match in Indonesia, which killed 131 people.

Nine minutes into Thursday night’s game between Gimnasia and Boca Juniors, referee Hernan Mastrangelo suspended the match. The league said on Twitter that it did so because of a lack of security.

The players retreated to their changing rooms, and many spectators ran onto the field trying to escape the tear gas.

“Unfortunately, one person has died. He died of a heart problem,” Sergio Berni, the province’s security minister, told Todo Noticia.

Burney did not provide details on the circumstances under which the man died.

Only Gimnasia fans were at the Juan Carmelo Zarillo stadium in La Plata, since the province of Buenos Aires banned supporters from watching the teams from games in 2013 amid frequent incidents of violence.

Argentina’s football association said in a tweet that it “expresses its commitment to continue its work to eliminate this type of incident that harms the party of football.”

No new date has been announced for the resumption of play.

Some fans claimed that tickets were sold out amid excitement over the clash between the two teams for the league title, and it is said that people may have become angry when they could not enter the stadium.

In its security protocols, FIFA advises against the use of tear gas in or around stadiums to avoid dangerous situations such as those in La Plata or the Indonesian city of Malanga last Saturday, when many died. People died while fleeing. Lovers

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