By | November 17, 2013

Furthering your education by completing a Bachelor degree will increase your lifetime earnings potential. Louisiana students who get a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree can dramatically increase their salary. Louisiana employees with a Bachelor degree earn and average yearly salary of $42,980. This salary level is approximately 15% more than those with a associate, or an extra $600,000 over a 40 year career. Additionally, obtaining a Bachelor degree can help you start a new career that may pay a higher salary.

With a dynamic job market, it is important to stay competitive with others who are seeking jobs. During 2008, 21,163 Louisiana residents finished a Bachelor program in subjects such as business, arts, and nursing. Today, 20.4% of Louisiana residents possess a Bachelor degree or higher education. To attain higher income levels, it is critical for your career to further your education to stay attractive to employers in the current competitive labor marketplace. Achieving the next degree level will enable you to obtain a new career, learn new skills, and make more money.

What does it take to obtain a Bachelor degree, and what institutions offer programs online to Louisiana residents? With the emergence of online or partially online degree programs, there are even more options for you to attain a higher level of education. Reaching a Bachelor degree often takes approximately 2-4 years to finish. The length of your degree program depends on the program details, the amount of courses completed per year, and your educational background. You can attain a Bachelor degree in a variety of subjects, including: Animation, Information Technology, Business Administration, Business Management, Healthcare Administration.

Getting a degree does take a commitment, but today, online degree programs are more flexible than ever. Many schools now offer full time or part time accredited online degree programs which enable you to get your degree quickly and balance your education with the rest of your life requirements.

The list of schools below offer top online and on campus Bachelor degree programs to Louisiana students looking to further their education. Act today, request more information today.

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