Canada's World Cup player rankings: Hutchinson turns back the clock in thrilling loss to Belgium

Canada’s World Cup player rankings: Hutchinson turns back the clock in thrilling loss to Belgium

DOHA, QATAR – Canada was excited and bloated, but it brought the house down.

The men’s national team’s first FIFA World Cup match in 36 years came to a thrilling end when Belgium beat Canada 1-0 at Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium on Wednesday, giving the Canadians their long-awaited first tournament appearance. Aim and extend to victory.

Along with a few top players, here are the whistle player rankings for each Canadian starter.

Ratings are based on a 10-point scale. Anything above six, the usual average or football rating, is considered strong or excellent.


Milan Borjan (Goalkeeper): 5/10

There was nothing Milan Borjan could do to stop Michy Batshuayi’s opener. The ball was hit hard into an open area, which is always hard to read as a goalkeeper.

However, Borjan didn’t help himself by heading back towards the goal when the ball over the top looked to be within reach of the Canadian No.1.

Perhaps it was a reflex to avoid any incidents he had experienced when stepping out of line in the past. However, Borjan was able to intervene before Batshuayi got onto Toby Alderweireld’s pass.

Richie Laria (right): 7/10

Richie Laria starts over Sam Adekogbe, then Laria takes on his primary right-back role with Alphonso Davies on the left, a surprise choice by Canada coach John Herdman.

The gamble paid off in terms of Laria’s induction. Fastball development was a big factor for the Canadians in how they unsettled Belgium, and Laria was one of the pioneers in that regard.

The Toronto FC defender was brilliant on both sides of the ball, making three key passes, nearly scoring a penalty in the first half and barely giving Belgium any ground.

Alastair Johnston (centre back): 5/10

It was Johnston’s most disappointing game in a Canadian shirt.

Eden Hazard turned his back on him at the start of the game, but Johnston also fell several times on the counter. Normally, he is very confident but with no midfield coverage around him, he was more expressive than usual.

The CF Montreal man should get a quick shout out for some of his diagonal switches to trigger a few promising Canadian counters, though.

Steven Vitoria (centre back): 5/10

Vittoria took the fall for the goal as she failed to deal with Alderweireld’s long ball to Batshuayi.

It was an unusual mistake from Vitoria, who is usually dominant in the air. He was not otherwise wrong-footed but deserves a slight discount for the mistake.

Kamal Miller (Center Back): 8/10

If it wasn’t for Kamal Miller, Belgium might have gotten a few more answers than that.

Miller completed a tackle on Batshuayi in the 23rd minute, an excellent block to prevent a certain goal and two recoveries, all in transition.

Considering Miller is sometimes criticized for his lack of pace on the turn, he coped surprisingly well with Belgium’s dangerous attack.

Alphonso Davies (left): 6/10

It was a hit or miss performance for Davis.

On the one hand, he registered three key passes and registered a lot of attention from Belgium, thus opening up space for teammates.

On the other hand, a missed penalty stings and will leave a memory of “what if?” lives as moment in Canadian football.

Atiba Hutchinson (Midfielder): 8/10

Talk about turning back the clock.

Atiba Hutchinson turns 40 in February. You’d think he was a 20-year-old playing with him on Wednesday.

Chalk it up to nearly two decades of lows with the national team and finally reap the benefits.

In 58 minutes, Hutchinson completed 26 of his 30 passes, three of his five defensive tackles and one fumble recovery.

Stefan Eustaquio (Midfielder): 7/10

Canada’s midfield lynchpin was everywhere.

From breaking Belgium’s formation, to weaving lanes with the ball, Eustaquio showed why he is such a vital part of the national team.

After 81 minutes, Eustace has overlooked 55 of 64 passes. nothing bad

Tajon Buchanan (right winger): 4/10

By the end of the game, Tajon Buchanan was significantly injured, and it showed.

Buchanan caused problems in the Belgian defence, but lacked any killer instincts with his latest product. The 23-year-old also often hangs out with his teammates.

Jr. Hallett (Forward): 6/10

In terms of Howlett’s energy, he was good. In the first half, the pressure against Belgium looked very aggressive and interesting.

But Howlett didn’t separate from defenders like he usually does on the dribble and didn’t deliver the quality set pieces he’s known for.

Overall, this is a good rating for Hoilett.

Jonathan David (previously): 4/10

No one attempts more shots than Jonathan David (7). On this front, he was busy and alive.

But there were moments when David could have dropped a simple pass to his teammates, such as to Richie Laria in the first half when he was wide.

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