Coloring the Pitch Red Podcast: Canada's men's tour returns to the World Cup inside

Coloring the Pitch Red Podcast: Canada’s men’s tour returns to the World Cup inside

When Canada’s men’s national team won the 1986 World Cup, few would have predicted that the comeback would take 36 years.

Coloring the peach redSportsNet’s first-ever narrative podcast series takes a look at the history of Canadian soccer, detailing the rise, fall and ultimate triumph of Canada’s men’s national team through the lens of some of the most respected voices in the country.

This series aims to answer a really simple but very complex question; Why did Canada take so long to return to the World Cup?

Through three seasons spanning five decades, host Henry Standage examines Canada’s roller-coaster relationship with the beautiful game and how Canada’s men’s national team qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Sid Sixero and former Canadian international Colin Miller join “Former 1: Welcome to Newfoundland” to look at 1980s soccer in Canada and how the CANMNT qualified for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

As Canada aims to meet Belgium in its first World Cup in nearly four decades, the stories of those who came before them describe generations of soccer players who have influenced a nation.

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