Denmark wears World Cup jersey in protest against hosts Qatar

Denmark wears World Cup jersey in protest against hosts Qatar

GENEVA – Denmark will wear team jerseys at the World Cup to protest the human rights record of host nation Qatar, on Wednesday in honor of migrant workers who died during construction work for the tournament. Black indicates authority.

“The Color of Mourning,” Kit Maker Hummel said in a post on Instagram Release of Black’s Third Choice Design.

“While we support the Danish national team, this should not be confused with supporting a tournament that has cost thousands of lives,” the company said.

The design seems to be complete The Danish Football Federation has promised At the tournament in Qatar last November, he wore clothes with “electoral messages”.

Although FIFA’s World Cup rules prohibit political expression on team uniforms, Denmark’s three shirts in red, all white and all black appear to be incompatible with any words or symbols that make an overt statement. The national team badge, Hummel logo and decorative white chevron – a popular feature of the Danish shirt since the 1980s – are embossed in the same color as the shirt.

“We don’t want to show up during the tournament,” Hummel said. “We support the Danish national team as a whole, but it is not the same as supporting Qatar as the host country.”

Denmark, the world number 10 team that reached the semi-finals of the European Championship last year, is one of the 32 teams in the World Cup that have chosen a strong position against Qatar.

The Danish Federation also joined The European campaign started last week Heart-shaped, multicolored “One Love” armbands for captains to wear at World Cup matches.

The gas-rich emirate has been heavily criticized over the past decade for its treatment of migrant workers, mostly from South Asia, needed to build stadiums, metro lines, roads and hotels worth tens of billions of dollars.

Danish officials have taken a lead role in a group of European football federations traveling to Qatar to monitor progress on promised reforms to labor laws.

Denmark are joined in the World Cup group by defending champions France, who usually wear a dark blue shirt, Australia, whose first-choice color is gold, and Tunisia, who wear white.

FIFA’s fixture list for the tournament lists Denmark as the home team with first-choice colors only for their first game against Tunisia on 22 November.

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