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By | November 19, 2013

For Louisiana residents, getting a Doctorate degree will significantly improve your lifetime earnings potential. Louisiana students who obtain a Doctorate degree can earn more money and be more successful within their career. Louisiana residents who have a Doctorate degree earn and average yearly salary of $55,971. This translates into 15% more than people with a master, or an extra $900,000 over a 40 year career. And, obtaining a Doctorate degree can help you start a new career that may pay a higher salary.

With a dynamic job market, it is very important to keep competitive with people who continue their education and compete with you for job openings. In 2008, 569 Louisiana residents finished a Doctorate program in subjects such as business, arts, and nursing. Presently, about 20.4% of Louisiana residents has a Bachelor degree or higher level degree. To reach higher income levels, you need to further your education and stay marketable in the current competitive workforce. Achieving the next degree level will help you land the new job you have been eyeing, learn new skills, and make more money.

What does it take to obtain a Doctorate degree, and what colleges offer programs online to Louisiana students? As online and hybrid (online and campus) programs have emerged, there are now more options for you to attain a higher level of education. A Doctorate degree usually takes somewhere between 3-6 years to complete. Time to completion depends on the program specifics, the number of classes completed per year, and the credits you have that can apply to the degree program. You can obtain a Doctorate degree in various subject areas, including: Nursing, Internet & Website Development, Healthcare Management, Technology Management, Programming.

Going to college to get a degree does take a commitment, but with the widespread adoption of online programs, schedules are more flexible to meet your needs. Many schools now offer full time or part time accredited online degree programs so you can attain your degree quickly and balane your education with your life requirements.

The list of schools below offer flexible on campus and online Doctorate degrees to Louisiana residents. Don’t wait, request more info now.

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