England wants to be fined for World Cup armband

England wants to be fined for World Cup armband

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — England is poised to face FIFA punishment for wearing the “OneLove” anti-discrimination armband at the World Cup.

Ten European countries have pledged to promote inclusion and campaign against discrimination this season.

Eight of them have qualified for Qatar, and FIFA is under pressure to allow captains of those teams to wear armbands with a multi-colored heart design at the tournament, which starts next month.

So far, permission has not been granted.

FIFA rules prohibit teams from bringing their own armband designs to the World Cup, and require countries to use equipment provided by governing bodies.

But the English Football Association is determined to take a stand even if it means being fined for breaking FIFA rules.

A person with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press that England will wear armbands in Qatar despite FIFA’s request. Speaking on the condition of anonymity because the decision has not been confirmed publicly, they added that they have asked the FA for permission to wear them at the World Cup, but after three weeks of waiting, there is still no response. got it

The person said a UEFA working group delegation would push for an update this week, along with other European federations deciding whether to wear the armband.

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, while the treatment of migrant workers to build projects for the World Cup has been controversial for decades.

“OneLove” started in the Netherlands, and Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Wales joined the campaign using football as a weapon against discrimination.

England captain Harry Kane wore the armband for the recent United Nations League games against Italy and Germany.

Speaking about the campaign, he said last month: “As captains we may all compete with each other on the field, but we stand together against discrimination of any kind. It is very relevant at a time like this. It is when division is common in society.

“Wearing a wristband on behalf of our teams will send a clear message when the world is watching.”

The FA has also spoken out about the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar.

It has pushed for FIFA to update its Migrant Workers Center to provide advice and support – and support the principle of compensation for families of migrant workers who lose their lives while involved in construction projects. or injured.

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