European nations are pressing FIFA for answers ahead of the World Cup

European nations are pressing FIFA for answers ahead of the World Cup

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — European nations, including England, are pressing FIFA to give “positive answers” to issues related to migrant workers ahead of the World Cup.

The 10 nations speaking on Sunday are among the eight teams for the World Cup that have committed to captains with one-legged armbands, in defiance of rules written by FIFA.

UEFA’s human and labor rights working group is pressing for a definitive answer on the idea of ​​a compensation fund for workers and a center for migrant workers in Doha.

In a joint statement it welcomed the assurances of the Qatari government and FIFA regarding the safety of fans at the World Cup, including LGBTQ+ supporters.

But it signaled its ongoing commitment to migrant workers ahead of the tournament.

“FIFA has repeatedly promised to provide concrete answers to these issues – the compensation fund for migrant workers, and the concept of a migrant worker center in Doha – and we will continue to press for these to be delivered.” . “We believe in the power of football to make more positive and meaningful contributions to sustainable change in the world.”

The working group is made up of ten countries: England, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Wales.

In its statement, it said it recognized that there had been “significant progress” in the rights of migrant workers.

“We also recognize that every country has problems and challenges and we agree with FIFA that diversity is a strength.” “However, embracing diversity and tolerance also means supporting human rights. Human rights are universal and apply everywhere.”

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