Manchester United player Greenwood accused of attempted rape

Manchester United player Greenwood accused of attempted rape

Editor’s note: The following story deals with sexual assault, and may be painful for some readers.

If you or someone you know needs support, those in Canada can find specific provincial centres, crisis lines and services. over here. For readers in America, a list of resources and references can be found for survivors and their loved ones over here.

Manchester, England – Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has been charged with sexual assault, controlling and coercive behavior and assault, the Crown Prosecution Service said on Saturday.

Greenwood, 21, is scheduled to appear in court Monday to face three counts of assault involving the same woman.

The Crown Prosecution Service authorized Greater Manchester Police to charge Greenwood, said Janet Potter, deputy crown attorney for CPS North West.

“Specialist sexual assault prosecutors from CPS North West’s complex case unit approved the charges after reviewing a dossier of evidence received from Greater Manchester Police.”

Greenwood was first arrested in January on charges of sexually assaulting a young woman after photos and videos were posted online. He has since been released on bail. He is suspended by United and has not played for the club since January.

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