Neymar's trial for fraud and corruption enters its final day

Neymar’s trial for fraud and corruption enters its final day

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Neymar’s trial entered its final day Monday with the company that accused him of fraud and corruption and reduced the prison sentence that sent him from Santos to Barcelona in 2013. You wanted to involve the player in the irregularities related to his transfer.

The outcome of the trial comes three days after Spain’s public prosecutor dropped charges against Neymar, his father and the former CEOs of the Brazilian and Spanish clubs.

Brazilian firm DIS continued its charges but asked for a prison sentence of 2 1/2 years for Neymar and four years for Neymar’s father, who is also the player’s agent.

The DIS initially sought five-year sentences for Neymar, 30, his father and former Barcelona executives Sandro Rozelle and Josep Bartomeu.

DIS is also seeking 34 million euros ($33.6 million) in compensation and 195 million euros ($193.2 million) in fines to be paid by the defendant to the Spanish government.

The state prosecutor announced the decision to drop the charges after hearing testimony from Rosell and Bartomeu on Friday. He said he saw no evidence that he had committed a crime.

Prosecutors initially asked for two years in prison and a 10 million euro ($9.9 million) fine for Neymar. He asked for five years for coaching and three years for former Santos president Odileo Rodríguez.

DIS claims it was paid far less than 40 percent of what it was as part owners of Neymar’s player rights. The company said it only got its share of the 17 million euros ($16.8 million) that Barcelona and Santos initially announced as transfer fees between the clubs, while the actual cost was about 82 million euros. ($81.2 million).

DIS accused Neymar and his father of fraud on Monday for trying to hide the amount of the transfer. It said it regretted the prosecutor’s decision to drop the charges against Neymar.

All the accused have denied any wrongdoing.

A verdict and sentence are not expected for several weeks.

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