Open favorites, value bets and more

Open favorites, value bets and more

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and while the tournament is being held at a different time, that hasn’t dampened enthusiasm, especially in Canada, which has qualified for the first time since 1986.

Usually, the World Cup is a summer party, but with Qatar as the host, it was not possible that the temperature would play safely for the players.

This year’s tournament is not short on star power but history reminds us that even powerhouse nations can defy expectations set for them. The last four World Cup tournaments have been won by European nations but a few teams from South America will change that trend.

Before you put down some bets using the odds from Sports Interactive, here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about betting on the World Cup.

All Sports Interactive odds updated on November 18th.

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A favorite bet to win the World Cup

Brazil +271: It’s no surprise to see Brazil come in as the top betting favourites. Although they have not won the tournament since 2002, they have been in a dominant role during the qualifying rounds and the club is expected to go all the way. As our own Peter Galindo explained in his Group G preview, this is a talented team that is primed for a deep run.

Argentina +329: This might be a bit of a long shot bet, especially since there’s no value here for a team that isn’t significantly better even with Lionel Messi leading the way.

France +419: There are some serious questions surrounding France with injuries to N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba. As Tristan Damorce noted in his Group D preview, the French have a difficult history with defending their titles and their chances are hard to believe.

UK +480: Can England channel the disappointment of missing out on the Euro 2020 final and make a deep run? They have a talented squad led by Harry Kane but their recent form has raised some serious questions and is not worth gambling on at this stage.

Spain +482: While there is no doubt that Spain will bring it, their path to the finals is a tough one for this young team. First, they must make it out of Group E, which also includes Germany, Japan and Costa Rica. Then they are likely to beat Brazil and Argentina to reach the final, so the odds are definitely stacked against them.

Germany +658: Hansi Flick will show his squad is more balanced and ready to return to international glory with 19-year-old Jamal Musila aiming to lead the charge. However, like Spain, it is a tough road for Germany and recent international performances make it difficult for them to make a deep run.

Netherlands +723: This Dutch team is competitive and can do some damage if they play to their potential. The question is whether their best players can rise to the occasion and put them on top.

Portugal +957: Uruguay will give Portugal a tough time in Group H, and they will need to finish first if they want to avoid Brazil in the round of 16. They will need Cristiano Ronaldo to return to his dominant form if they are to progress to the round of 16. tournament

Belgium +1075: Despite being a second-tier club, Belgium is not seen as much love from the bettors. Is this the year the team’s talent reaches its potential, especially if Romelu Lukaku can overcome his hamstring injury? It may be the best value to place a small bet but get a big income for winning it all in the team.

golden shoe

Awarded to the top scorer in the tournament

Harry Kane +520
Kylian Mbappe +800
Lionel Messi +800
Karim Benzema +1000
Neymar +1000
Cristiano Ronaldo +1400
Lothar Martinez +1700
Memphis Depay +2000
Romelu Lukaku +2100

Best bet: Kane is one of the best goalscorers coming into this tournament, so it’s no surprise that he is the favourite. He has a real shot to do some damage for England as he tries to become the country’s all-time leading goalscorer.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at the PSG duo of Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi as options if either of them make it to the tournament.

Value terms that include Canada

It would be tempting to bet on Canada to win the World Cup at odds of +12400 but there is no reason why you should avoid paying a few penalties at the top of the tournament.

There are several interesting lines leading up to the Canadian tournament, including whether a player cries during the playing of the national anthem at their start +350 (we’re looking at you, Alphonso Davis).

While betting on Canada to finish top of Group F is a reach, it’s worth betting on them to exit the group stage at +218.

When it comes to individual player scoring props, Jonathan David is +168 to lead Canada in scoring at the World Cup with Davis second at +457 and second at +500.

Favorable conditions to make

If you’re not keen on betting on individual tournament winners or outright World Cup winners, there are other ways to do it. Here are some ideal bets to make that can provide great payouts.

Lowest scoring team: Saudi Arabia+443, Costa Rica+457, diameter +800
• Robert Lewandowski Under 2.5 Goals Over: More than +177
• Dutch leading scorer:
Memphis Depay +111
• Will the winning team come from Europe: Not +180

Both teams score (yes or no): This is a good bet to make if you are hoping for a high score between the two clubs. Remember, you will be betting on each team to get a goal in their scoring column if you bet yes, regardless of how the ball ends up in the net.

A game of great danger

If you want to look into the crystal ball and maximize at higher odds, predicting the finalists is a good way to go. Here are some great picks that might be worth placing a small bet on, especially if you have high hopes for the Brazilian finish.

Brazil and France +1300
Argentina vs Brazil +1900
Belgium vs Brazil +2400
Brazil vs Germany +2700
Argentina vs Germany +3300

Last point

Don’t make too many unusual parlay bets. This is easy to do when you see a big payout, especially when you combine a number of clubs to win on the same day. A combination of match results and props is usually the way to go but be mindful of how much effort you’re trying to create together.

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