Paul Pogba's brother is in custody for embezzlement

Paul Pogba’s brother is in custody for embezzlement

PARIS (AP) – French authorities said Wednesday that the brother of soccer star Paul Pogba is facing four other charges as part of an investigation into an alleged attempt to extort millions of euros from the World Cup winner and Juventus midfielder. He was in police custody.

Mathias Pogba arrived on Wednesday afternoon to meet with Paris police about the investigation and was taken into custody for questioning, according to an official close to the investigation.

He is among four people in police custody as part of the investigation on Tuesday and Wednesday. The official was not authorized to publicly discuss the ongoing investigation.

Mathias Pogba has denied taking part in the embezzlement attempt against his brother. Mathieu Pogba’s lawyer, Richard Arbib, said in a statement last week that his client wanted “more than anything” to ease the situation with his brother.

Paris prosecutors opened an investigation last month into allegations that Paul Pogba – who scored one of France’s goals in the 2018 World Cup final – was asked for 13 million euros ($13 million) by his brother and childhood friends. had done that

The case became public after Mathis Pogba threatened to share “explosive revelations” about his brother and French star Kylian Mbappe.

Mathias Pogba had a modest football career as a forward with lower-tier teams in England and other European countries.

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