Qatar summons German ambassador over criticism of World Cup rights

Qatar summons German ambassador over criticism of World Cup rights

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Qatar summoned the German ambassador on Friday over comments by Germany’s interior minister, who criticized the decision to award the World Cup to the Gulf Arab nation because of its human rights record. .

This is the first time in many years that Qatar has summoned its ambassador Rigorous international research The criminalization of her treatment of migrant workers and same-sex relationships comes as officials there appear increasingly weary of such criticism.

Qatar, whose gas-rich country ranks among the richest countries on earth, is the first Arab or Muslim country to host the world’s biggest sporting event. More than 1.2 million fans are expected to descend on the small desert nation for the month-long tournament, which begins on November 20.

German Interior Minister Nancy Fisser, who is also in charge of sports, plans to meet Monday and Tuesday with the government’s human rights commissioner, German lawmakers and the German soccer federation. Travel to Qatar with a delegation.

Her ministry said the visit would focus on human rights questions surrounding the tournament, including the protection of LGBTQ people against discrimination and harassment, and the responsibility of the migrant workers who built the stadium.

In comments carried by Germany’s ARD broadcaster on Thursday, Fesser said the German government is convinced that the awarding of major sporting events must be linked to human rights and sustainability. Asked about the decision to send the World Cup to Qatar, she said that “there are criteria that must be taken into account, and then it would be better not to award the prize to such countries,” ARD reported. “

In an official statement released on Friday, Feser noted that “no World Cup takes place in a vacuum.” She added that regarding future international sporting events, “we must ensure that their awarding and organization are linked to human rights standards.”

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said it had summoned Qatar’s ambassador to express its “disappointment and complete rejection and condemnation” of Faisal’s comments. It did not specify whether it was referring to ARD’s comments or its official statement.

on the A televised speech Earlier this week, Qatar’s ruling emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, said his country had faced “an unprecedented campaign that no host country has ever faced,” one that “fake and Double standards” are involved.

Qatar has said that much of the criticism of its treatment of migrant workers ignores reforms implemented in recent years that have been praised by the United Nations as well as major human rights groups. However, these groups have said that this implementation is flawed More needs to be done Addressing a wide range of abuses, including wage theft and harsh working conditions.

Qatari law punishes homosexuals with one to three years in prison. Officials said LGBTQ fans were welcome to attend the tournament, while asking all spectators to respect the country’s conservative culture.

Several European teams at the World Cup have asked FIFA to allow their captains to wear rainbow armbands as part of the ‘One Love’ campaign. The federation has also expressed support for the campaign to build Compensation Fund For the workers who have been suffering for 12 years during the construction of stadiums and extensive infrastructure since Qatar won the World Cup.

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