Rebecca Vardy to pay $1.7 million after losing court battle against Colin Rooney

Rebecca Vardy to pay $1.7 million after losing court battle against Colin Rooney

LONDON – English soccer player Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebecca Vardy must pay soccer partner Colin Rooney around 1.5 million pounds ($2.3 million) in legal fees after losing a high-profile defamation lawsuit against Rooney. .

Vardi, 40, lost her defamation claim against Rooney, 36, in July when a judge ruled that a widely circulated social media post Rooney had made in which she accused Vardi of stealing her personal information The leak to the tabloid press was “true enough”.

In a ruling released on Tuesday, a judge ruled that Vardy must pay 90% of Rooney’s legal costs.

The case, which involved social media, a fierce celebrity feud, and amateur scandals, was a sensation in the British media and made headlines for days. Both women are married to famous footballers: Vardy to Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy, Rooney to former Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney.

The controversy began when Rooney said she deliberately posted fake stories on Instagram to find out who was leaking her personal information to the press. She said she has blocked all accounts from viewing her Instagram stories except those she suspects are the authors. The stories were then properly published in the Sun.

In an October 2019 post seen by nearly 2 million followers, Rooney revealed that it was Vardy’s account that was the culprit. She was given the name “Wagatta Christie” – a play on “WAG”, an alternative term for the wives and girlfriends of football stars, and the name of crime writer Agatha Christie.

Verdi started a court battle to defend his reputation. But Judge Karen Steyn said Vardy’s agent was likely to have passed on Rooney’s personal information to The Sun newspaper, and that “Mr. Vardy was aware of the conduct and apologised.

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