Saudi Arabia's injured defender Al-Sharani returned home from the World Cup

Saudi Arabia’s injured defender Al-Sharani returned home from the World Cup

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Saudi Arabia defender Yasser al-Shahrani has returned home to receive treatment for facial injuries after a dangerous collision with a teammate in Wednesday’s World Cup win over Argentina.

The Saudi Football Federation said that Al-Shahrani was taken from Doha to the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh.

The 30-year-old was injured in second-half stoppage time after helping the Saudis secure a 2-1 lead against Argentina in one of the best players of the tournament.

Al-Shahrani was running back to defend a high cross in the Saudi penalty area when he collided with goalkeeper Mohammad Al-Weiss, who kneed Al-Shahrani in the face. The defender’s head was also hit hard on the field.

The Saudi team released a video clip of the player speaking from his hospital bed late on Tuesday to reassure fans that he is fine.

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Saudi Arabia will play Poland in Group C next Saturday.

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