U.S. Soccer's investigation into NWSL misconduct is over

U.S. Soccer is moving quickly to ensure safety after the report

U.S. Soccer has taken steps to implement the recommendations of an investigation into allegations of abuse, harassment and misconduct in women’s soccer.

Former Acting U.S. Attorney Sally Q. Yates this month released an investigation into scandals that arose in the Women’s National Soccer League last season. It found that misconduct was systemic in the sport, affecting many teams, coaches and players.

The Yates report made recommendations for the league and U.S. Soccer to “prevent future abuse, hold wrongdoers accountable, increase transparency, address safety in youth soccer, and create a professional environment.” Where players are respected.”

Daniel Slanton, a former national team and professional player, has been appointed chairman of the US Soccer Board of Directors Yates Implementation Committee.

She announced Friday that U.S. Soccer is moving quickly to act on those recommendations.

“The importance of this cannot be overstated. Our top priority as a federation is to ensure that everyone who participates in our games is safe. Even as a former Olympic and World Cup player. “The pursuit of gold, I deeply believe that as a federation we are facing right now, there is no other worthy pursuit,” Clinton said in a statement. “It is our mission to create a wave of change that began with the courageous voices and actions of our players.”

USA Soccer has released records from the SafeSports Central Disciplinary Database to identify individuals subject to discipline in the sport. The federation is also creating a new office to oversee participant safety and the USA Soccer website will include a hub for the office.

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