VAR calls help West Ham beat Bournemouth in EPL

VAR calls help West Ham beat Bournemouth in EPL

LONDON (AP) — Two VAR calls helped West Ham beat Bournemouth 2-0 in the English Premier League on Monday.

Kurt Zouma’s 45th-minute header came moments after a corner was deflected off the arm of fellow right-back West Ham defender Telo Kehar as he dived to meet the ball in the six-yard box.

Video review ruled that the handball was accidental.

Then, as the game entered second-half stoppage time, a cross from substitute Vladimir Koffel hit Bournemouth defender Jordan Zimora as he attempted to block the goal.

VAR recommended that the on-field referee re-watch the incident on the pitch-side monitor and a penalty was awarded. It was sent by Saeed Benrahma.

Bournemouth manager Gerry O’Neill spoke to the referee at half-time and received a yellow card and spoke to the match officials after the game.

“It’s a clear handball,” he said of the first goal. “His (Kehr) hands are on his stomach and they are moving towards the ball.”

O’Neal complained that the decisions against his team this season were “getting a little ridiculous.”

“Since I’ve been here, there have been 10 serious VAR checks and none of them have gone our way,” he said.

West Ham rose to 10th place, one point and four places above Bournemouth.

It was the second straight loss for Bournemouth, who lost two key players – striker Dominic Solanke and goalkeeper Neto – to injury during the game.

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