World Cup Newspaper: England's young lions are drowning

World Cup Newspaper: England’s young lions are drowning

After each day of the 2022 FIFA World Cup,’s World Cup Daily Blog will recap the day’s events and look ahead to the next day’s slate of games.

Here’s what happened on Monday, in case you missed it…

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The results

England 6, Iran 2 at Al Rayyan: Game report || Match statistics

Senegal 0, Netherlands 2 in Doha: Game report || Match statistics

USA 1, Wales 1 at Ulrian: Game report || Match statistics

Main points of conversation

England’s young lions roar  

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England recorded their biggest World Cup opener and scored six goals in the tournament for only the second time in their history after defeating Iran in Group B. The Three Lions dominated all aspects of the match against the Iranians, who should feel happy that the loss wasn’t too bad.

Ahead of the game much of the attention was focused on veteran forward Harry Kane, who is just two goals away from reaching 53 and dethroning Wayne Rooney as the team’s all-time top goalscorer. The Tottenham star made a strong comeback against Iran by scoring twice in the 75th minute.

But it was the young lions of England who raised the loudest voices against Iran. 19-year-old Jude Bellingham scored his first international goal to become England’s second-youngest goalscorer at a World Cup (behind 18-year-old Michael Owen in 1998), while Bokaio Saka, 21, grabbed a goal. It is the first time in their history that England have fielded two players aged 21 or under in a World Cup match.

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Bellingham and Saka are the epitome of an exciting, young English team that plays with a sense of dread, that attacks relentlessly and forces opponents to follow them. If this six-goal demolition job is any indication of what to expect from England, the rest of the field at the tournament should be Leary.

Patience pays off for the Dutch  

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Senegalese striker Sadio Mane has been ruled out of the World Cup with an ankle injury, while Holland forward Memphis Depay sat on the bench for 62 minutes of their Group A clash before he was Long faced issues.

Unsurprisingly, this game produced few quality scoring chances, with both defenses holding tight and giving nothing away. But the Dutch’s patience changed in the 84th minute when Cody Gakpo connected on a header that was placed in the back of the net after Frank de Jong’s brilliant cross into the box. did Amazingly, it was the Dutch’s first shot on target.

Davy Klaasen’s goal in injury time was a little tough for the African champions as there wasn’t much between the two nations. But fortune often favors the brave at the decisive moments in tight games like this, and the Netherlands made the most of their limited chances to score the winner.

USA can’t finish Wales  

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Canadian fans think they did it wrong by not seeing their men’s team in the World Cup since 1986? Spare a thought for Wales fans, who have waited 64 years for their men’s national team to return to the World Cup.

The Welsh made up for lost time on Monday, coming from behind to earn a crucial draw against the United States in Group B. Gareth Bale converted from the penalty spot in the 82nd minute to help his country earn a share of the points, capping off a thrilling second half in which the Welsh dominated action.

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The United States came out of the gate and pushed Wales into the half, thanks to some long periods of possession, while looking dangerous in transition moments. The breakthrough came when Timothy Weah pounced on a ball through the Welsh defence, went on a clear break and fired a shot past goalkeeper Wayne Hennessy in the 36th minute. But that was the last shot on target by the Americans, who put the Welsh in front for much of the second half before just equalizing for Bale.

Goal of the day

England forced a turnover after Iran pressure and then mounted a brilliant attacking sequence that ended with Jude Bellingham diving deep inside the box after a superb Luke Shaw cross. Score on the head.

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The moment of the day

The Iranian team’s players refused to sing the national anthem before the match against England and were angered by the recent death of 22-year-old Mahisa Amini in police custody. Amini died after being arrested by Iran’s ruling regime’s “morality police” for violating their Islamic dress code, her death representative of the oppression of women’s rights in the country.

Daily rate

“My friends and my family have put their arms around me along with my teammates and the nation has supported me to help me get back to a better place. I feel that love from everyone around me.” – England’s Bocayo Saka, who is black, refers to racial abuse that failed to convert a penalty shootout during last year’s Euro final defeat to Italy.

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Six pack of statistics

• England and Iran combined for the most goals scored in a World Cup match after Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals of the 2014 tournament.

• Jack Grealish’s 35 assists for England’s sixth goal are the most since 1966 for a World Cup goal.

• Davy Klaasen’s goal at 98:17 is the second last goal in a World Cup since 1966 (excluding extra time), behind Mehdi Tarimi’s goal for Iran at 102:30 against England on Monday .

• Dutch goalkeeper Anders Knuppert is the second Dutch player to make his World Cup debut.

• The United States have not kept a clean sheet in their last 18 World Cup games against European opposition since a 1-0 win over England in 1950.

• On Monday, five U.S. starters are playing professionally in the English Premier League, more than a single non-U.S. league player in a World Cup game in the national team’s history.

Statistics by Opta   

SPORTSNET in Qatar contributor Peter Galindo is in Qatar covering the World Cup. He was at the Netherlands-Senegal game today and picked up on how effective FC Barcelona’s Frank de Jong was in midfield for the Netherlands.

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Three stars of the day

1) Bocayo Sacca, England: The 21-year-old made a splash and proved to be a real attacking threat on the right flank for an English team that is fully equipped to play the Iranians.

2) Frankie de Jong, Netherlands: The FC Barcelona star was truly excellent in pulling the midfield strings for the Netherlands. Cody Gakpo set up a winner in the box with a great delivery.

3) Timothy Weah, United States: The American forward did what his legendary father George Weah, a former Ballon d’Or winner, never did during his career: play and score in a World Cup.

looking ahead

Day 3 of the World Cup kicks off with four matches, including defending champion France against Australia in a Group D match (2:00 p.m. ET).

But the highlight of the day will be Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia (5:00 am ET) in Group C, as Lionel Messi will make his Qatar debut. The Argentinian has said that he plans to retire from international football after this tournament, so this is his last chance to win the World Cup.

It will be interesting to see how he comes out of the gate, and whether he can guide the much-loved South American to a convincing win against the Saudis.

John Molinaro is one of the leading soccer journalists in Canada, having covered the game for over 20 years for several media outlets, including Sportsnet, CBC Sports and Sun Media. He is currently the editor-in-chief of TFC Republic, a website dedicated to in-depth coverage of Toronto FC and Canadian soccer. TFC Republic can be found over here.

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